Your Dogs Home Boarding Holiday

What we do with your dog on an average day

Creature Comforts provide pet sitting in Flintshire and across North Wales.

Home boarding is something we are passionate about and our experience will ensure your dog is happy when staying with us.

Give Ailsa a call on 01745 550436 or visit our contact page to discuss your plans and find out how we can help.

About home boarding Flintshire | Pet Sitting
Home boarding Flintshire | Pet Sitting

Your dog’s routing during home boarding

As we have detailed information about your dog and it’s routine at home, we are able to replicate that while they are staying with us for their holiday.

There are certain elements of their routine which are very important to adhere to, meal times and the administering of medication being two that must continue as you do at home.

Walks and exercises for your dog

Depending on the age and activity levels of your dog, we are able to inject some changes which will enhance their stay with us. Those come in the form of lovely country walks. We live in a very rural area and have lovely walks around us.

However, we do love to take the dogs out and see different areas. Our two favourites are Moel Famau and Halkyn mountain. Both lovely, safe locations where the dogs can enjoy themselves away from any traffic.

When we all return home after enjoying a lovely walk, the dogs then are able to relax and unwind in the comfort of our home. There are no restrictions at all as to where the dogs are able to relax. In the colder months, we have our log burner constantly going and, as you can imagine, the dogs love to lie and let the warmth flow over them. We can often be seen perched on the edge of the sofa while the dogs stretch out and dream of the lovely day they have had and what’s to come for the remainder of their holiday.

Your dogs are never left alone during home boarding

The dogs are our main priority during their stay with us. There is always someone here ensuring they have company throughout the day. We love their companionship and have so many regular doggy guests returning that they simply run in knowing their holiday begins now!

Want to know more about home boarding?

To learn more about home boarding Flintshire give Ailsa a call on 01745 550436 or visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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