Benefits of Home Boarding for your Dog

Home boarding your dog is a fantastic alternative to kennels, learn about the benefits of home boarding for your dog in this short article.

Your dog is a very special part of your family and is used to being in a home environment with all the comforts that brings.

Home boarding a kinder alternative to kennels

To then put them in a kennel if you need to go away on holiday or business is a very alien environment for them.

Unfortunately, you are unable to explain to them that they are only there for a short time and you will be back to collect them soon.

Not only is it upsetting for the dog but also for the owners.

Home boarding is very much a home from home for your dog.

They will be loved and looked after and continue to have all the comforts they have at home.

Benefits of Home Boarding for your Dog
Benefits of home boarding for your dog in North Wales

Learning about your dogs

Before you leave your dog you will complete a pet details form which tells us all about them and the routine they are in. We then strive to keep their routine in place as much as possible which includes meal times, walk times and duration and sleeping arrangements.

Home comforts for your dogs

You provide their food to ensure their diet remains the same together with their bedding so they feel safe and secure with the familiarity of home. That is not to say, of course, that they don’t find their way to the sofa, which they often decide is a great alternative to their own bed!

I never fail to be amazed at how quickly our doggy guests settle in to their holiday home. We have so many repeat customers who come running in, tails wagging, waiting for the fun to begin!

Benefits of Home Boarding for your Dog

Home boarding really is the answer when you need to go away knowing your dog will continue to receive the high standard of love and care they have at home.

What happens next?

We are passionate about home boarding North Wales and are here to answer any questions you have. Just call Ailsa on 01745 550436 or visit our contact page for email.

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