About Creature Comforts Home Boarding

How it all began!

Creature Comforts home boarding for dogs all began in March 2005. We had just got Frankie, our wonderful, beautiful boy who was then just a baby. Frankie is the cream dachshund in the picture.
We were due to go away and had booked Frankie and Brucie, our older dachshund, into

An alternative to kennels

I wasn’t happy at all about the idea but, at that time, there was very little alternative. So, both boys went into kennels and whilst we tried to enjoy our holiday we were always thinking and worrying about them.

When we collected them on our return, they were both
okay but the kennel owner was concerned that Frankie hadn’t been eating or drinking well. So, that was it, I decided to find an alternative.

Home boarding for dogs Denbighshire
Home boarding for dogs Denbighshire

I did some research and found that there were, indeed, some home boarding businesses
already established. I found out exactly how they worked and knew straight away, this was
definitely something I wanted to pursue.

So, from that moment Creature Comforts home boarding started it’s journey and what a fantastic journey
it’s been. We have looked after so many wonderful dogs and have given their owners the
chance to enjoy their holiday without worrying about them. So many customers have said
that without our service they simply wouldn’t feel able to go away.

It is a win, win situation as we love looking after the dogs as much as they love coming to

Home boarding really is a better alternative to kennels

So much has changed within the industry since we began. In the early years home boarding
was a concept which people knew very little about. Now, however, it has grown
enormously and people are beginning to realise that there is an alternative to kennels and
what a relief that is for them.

I have so many happy memories of dogs who have stayed with us and can’t wait to continue
welcoming new friends to stay and enjoy their holiday here!

If you’re interested in our services for home boarding Denbighshire and would like to have a chat please get in touch using our contact page. Thank you!

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